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Development and Construction


Own development team has enabled us to deliver custom-built solutions. In accordance with the type of the product and of the customer’s requirements we have been able to complete the full solution including the development and construction, production, implementation and subsequent support. Thanks to the large number of completed projects, we usually build on own solutions as for the set sphere, having been under further development and adjustment to the customer’s specifications.


We use for development and construction the latest 2D/ 3D CAD software systems. The input documentation to the projects, for example the CAD data for the automotive glass, is taken from our customers in all commonly used formats.


As for the automation, we have been using only elements with the highest quality. All our equipments are built on the FESTO pneumatic solutions that are also used with simpler equipments in order to secure the control and communication with higher control customer’s systems. For complex solutions, the SIEMENS or OMRON control systems are used.



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